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Ooh La La So Chic! Breakfast in Paris Brooch is back

Are you ready for a yummy and buttery pastry that is light in calorie? One of the most popular piece amongst my realistic miniature food creations, “Breakfast in Paris” brooch is back in my shop this month ! Only.. just a little more cute and romantic!

Inspired and fascinated by the art of the French viennoiserie, i want to share the joy and beauty of these adorable yet authentic patisseries in my creations! Designed by me, the new brooch includes all the essentials of a French or Parisian breakfast. These mouth watering crusty pastries includes the classic butter croissant, chocolate croissant – pain au chocolat, apple pie – chausson aux pommes, raisin roll – Pain aux raisins and let’s not forget the Palmiers – Les Palmiers are the pastries that are considered as the heart of France because of it’s form. The sweetest amongst all of the pastries, Palmier is ideal for a morning breakfast or teatime.

Breakfast in Paris Brooch vintage bronze pin brooch jewelry french style trending women accessory handmade jewellery la nostalgie Mariana Salinas


Impeccably finished this accessory is appetizing yet with a spark of romance and this brooch is lovely on scarves, sweaters and also to accessories your handbag. Great on any occasions from winter to summer this brooch is a unique Valentine’s Day gift idea under $25

Breakfast in Paris Brooch great women accessory handmade jewelry la nostalgie online jewellery gift shop croissants clay patisserie food art

Breakfast in Paris pinterest board by la nostalgie handmade gifts cute online jewelry shop 2015
Breakfast in Paris! J’adore 🙂



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