Easter Chick Nest Cupcake Pastel Mint Earring Handmade jewelry by La Nostalgie Mariana Salinas

Chirp chirp chirp…Easter Chick Egg Nest Cupcake Earrings this Spring

Chirp chirp chirp.. the sound of nature remind us that Spring is about to embark soon. I can’t wait for sunshine to come! Sunshine makes me feel light! At the moment when you think of Springtime, you think about rejenuvation, rebirth and new life. One of my favorite celebration this Spring is Easter, but what is the true meaning of Easter exactly guys? Originiated from the Pagan religion, for the Christians Easter is a festival that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ which follows the Spring Equinox calendar. It is an event that reminds us of faith and resurrection.

easter vanilla cupcake charms la nostalgie mariana salinas
Found a mini nutella jar which is perfect to store my chocolate icing! It feels like i am putting real nutella on my tiny cupcake miniatures.

Easter chick egg nest cupcake earring is available only during springtime. Delicately hand sculpted and designed with a generous swirl of chocolate nest and tiny robin’s egg candies in 3 nuances of light and chic colors such as scuba blue, lucite green and custard yellow. This Easter cupcake earring jewelry accessory depicts renewal, hope and faith. As springtime comes a new life, a rebirth and glory.

easter chick egg candy nest cupcake earrings handmade jewelry la nostalgie mariana salinas miniature food


Do you have a new positive resolution this year? If you do have some interesting ones, feel free to share it here. I love knowing some great resolutions

Have a great day guys!



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