Turquoise Butterfly Earrings handmade jewelry la nostalgie fashion

Drift into a mystical fantasy with Butterfly in the woods

Have you ever thought if you are are an insect, which insect will you be? Inspired by Monarch Butterfly and abstract art, this Spring La Nostalgie features the ‘ Butterflies in the Woods ‘ handmade jewelry collection.

Behind the scenes of hand sculpting Butterfly in the Woods! I love the ombre blue!

In this post i will be talking about Butterflies in the woods! Also the Top 3 life lessons we can learn from this magnificent creature. If you do love Butterflies, you will definitely enjoy this post! Without further ado, here are 3 best qualities of this captivating insect.

Metamorphosis and it’s ability to adapt to their environment and climatic is the vital facet that this enchanting insect has taught us. Despite the natural constant changing surroundings and obstacles one faces like the woods, you can always blossom just like butterflies if you guard your faith, hope and embrace change. But do you like change guys? Perhaps it depends on the situation, the good news is change ensures growth in which you will emerge tenacious and stronger than before.

Butterfly dances! It appears like it is lightly dancing as they flutter idly from flower to flower. It reminds you to add lightness and humor in your life. Growth and change do not have to be agonizing.

The vibrant colored wings of butterflies evoke joy. Colors gives great joy. Perhaps whenever you see a butterfly remember to lighten up and just enjoy a fancy cup of tea.

Best selling hand sculpted Butterfly in the woods earrings from my fashion jewelry line depicts feminity, transformation, joy, hope and the embrace of change. Available in turquoise ombre or sunset ombre these earrings are sophisticated and fabulous for an elegant and chic spring look . It is a thoughtful gift for your friend.

Butterfly wing earrings handmade jewelry orange yellow butterflies 2015


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