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Bite Into These Fresh Spring Honeydew Melon Slice Ear Studs

Spring is about to begin, it is time to rearrange your fruit regime. Melon is one delicious fruit that have been missing this winter. Fully riped in Summer, this juicy fruit is packed with lots of great benefits.

So, what are some of the great healthy benefits of honeydew? Not only that it helps to reduce cholesterol and hypertension, this magical fruit is packed with heaps of Vitamin C, minerals and potassium that is essential to keeping a healthy body, digestive and immune system. Low in calories, did you know that honeydew is also rich in calcium which aids in sustaining a good set of teeth and bones?

Honeydew is just simply a great joy to eat especially when shared with your cherished ones. From my fruit collection realistic honeydew fruit earring stud is now available at my Etsy shop. This miniature clay fruit is delicately sculpted and designed by hand. Measuring as tiny as your fingertip, this soft green fruit slice ear stud is versatile, adorable and youthful on any spring and summer outfit. It is also a thoughtful get well gift idea, mother’s day and for any fruit lovers.

Honeydew melon ear studs handmade earrings online jewelry spring fashion 2015 la nostalgie mariana salinas

Don’t forget to check out my best selling cantaloupes in nuances of orange. If you do have a sensitive skin, you may upgrade it to surgical steel stainless ear posts for maximum durability.

Honey dew melon silver ear studs post earrings designed and handmade at La Nostalgie

So the next time you crave for something sweet, why not a slice of honeydew? You can also make melon ball ice cubes by Laylita to kickstart and freshen up your scorching summer. Btw, Happy Mother’s day to all the moms in the UK! 🙂 Have a wonderful Sunday!

Melon-ball-ice-cubes recipe by Laylita Pujol
Quick melon ice cubes recipe by Laylita Pujol at http://laylita.com/recipes/2014/04/26/melon-ball-ice-cubes/

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