Six Spring Shops – Number Three – Interview with La Nostalgie France – Handmade Jewellery

What shops are trending this Spring Fashion? Check out interview with La Nostalgie on Six Spring Shops by Maisie from Ma’atSilk

A romantic and feminine treasury of “The Last Time I Saw Paris” by Maisie

The Last Time I Saw Paris by Maisie from MaatSilk 2015 Etsy Treasury Trends
The Last Time I Saw Paris by Maisie from MaatSilk on Etsy Treasury Trends

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Spring is on the wind so I went to see La Nostalgie 

French Pastry Pin Brooch by La Nostagie

Lovers walk along the river banks. Museums full of treasures. Painted pictures and silent marbles. Little restaurants in the sun. Red and white table cloths. Croissants and coffee. Red wine and rich meals. Luscious and delicious. Artists on street corners. Paints and brushes. Colours splashing on the easels. The towering Eiffel tower. Seeing the world through rose tinted glasses. The last time I saw Paris.

This really does sum up what most of us see when we think of Paris. That shimmering city of romance, food and culture. Have we been over-influenced by starry movies and rhyming songs? Of course we have. However it’s not completely unrealistic. I have been to Paris a couple of times and even in the grey light of a cloudy rainy day, that city still has a magical allure that’s hard to find anywhere else (accept Venice but that’s another story). Even for those…

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