Watermelon Fruit Silver Necklaces Rings Handmade Jewelry La Nostalgie France Hot Summer Buy 2015

Quench Your Summer With Juicy Red Watermelon Fruit

Finally summer has arrived in France, what do you normally do to enjoy the hot summer? Spending your day outside with your loved ones for a picnic at the park or even the beach can be some fun ideas! At times like this the heat can sometimes wear you down. Staying hydrated is essential so you can stay fresh throughout the day to enjoy the fun. So, why not prepare fresh fruit snacks on hand to recharge your day!

What’s your favourite fruit to quench the scorching summer? Other than honeydew a good slice of sweet watermelon fruit will freshen your day don’t you think? Not only that it contains 92% water, it’s refreshing quality helps to combat heat. Watermelon contains lots of great benefits such as vitamin A and C for healthy skin. Also it prevent sickness such as obesity, cancer and diabetes. Low in calories, it is indeed a guilt free snack that can be enjoyed for any age group

Quench your look this summer with juicy red watermelon slices jewelries. Completing the watermelon collection La Nostalgie had launched the watermelon ring and silver necklace this Summer. The best part is that they are both adjustable from small to medium size. The necklace pendant charm is double sided. Hand sculpted in vibrant red, these juicy watermelons are versatile on any summer outfits. Sweet and Nostalgic these fruits can be a cool and delicious gift to remind you of the wonderful fun times you have shared with your loved ones.

Red Juicy Watermelon Rings La Nostalgie Handmade Summer Jewellery trends 2015 unique gifts for her

Watermelon Charm Pendant Necklace Silver handmade jewelry la nostalgie france jewelry online shopping buy gifts for women




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