Zelda Ocarina Song of Time Necklace

My cute little fan here is a dedicated Zelda fan. This time she wanted me to make the Zelda Ocarina Song of Time Necklace. I do have to confess that Zelda has a place in my heart ♥︎ I have enjoyed and loved playing the Legend of Zelda :Ocarina of Time 3Ds . I really love the soundtracks and it is definitely a game that you can never forget. I had so much fun playing Zelda and discovering their world. Here is a link to show you more about my favorite game Zelda For those of you guys who love and … Continue reading Zelda Ocarina Song of Time Necklace

Customised Charm Bracelet by Giulia

This Bracelet includes Giulia’s customised charms. Miniature cupcake in pastel yellow and turquoise blue, along with gold and silver pearls and star shaped fondant. hmm… retro chic! And a classic Italian chocolate cookie eaten during the Halloween Season.”Pan di Stelle” Bread of the Stars. It looks yummy 😉 This bracelet also features charms from my Halloween collection like the cemetery and and Cheese sprinkles doughnuts, corn candy, apple toffee, Mr gingerbread man with his frankenstein lantern, jack o lantern and orange gingham ribbon. Whimsical, poetic,  unique and elegant. These charm bracelet and earrings reflects the beautiful happy nostalgic moments of … Continue reading Customised Charm Bracelet by Giulia

Narnia and Enjolras Films inspired Earrings

This time i would like to showcase the interesting ideas from my favourite girl, Giulia! I just simply love her ideas and i do love the challenges in creating something new and delightful. She is aspired to be a writer one day. She is bright and fluent in her english despite being an Italian. Her ideas to me are poetic, theatrical and artistic. She is always inspired by enchanting stories written by talented writers like JRR Tolkien, Oscar Wilde and Dante Alighieri. I also like Dan Brown, C.S. Lewis, Sir Conan Doyle, Rick Riordan, aunt JK Row, Suzanne Collins, Giacomo Leopardi, … Continue reading Narnia and Enjolras Films inspired Earrings

Miniature Pastel Cupcakes with Pastel icing sugar bags

One of my favourite custom order by Kristina , a pastel version of my cupcake necklace. Kristina wanted the frostings in hearts and roses and everything in her choice of pastels. Pastel yellow, pastel pink, pastel blue, pastel orange, pastel lavender and pastel mint ! I just simply ♥love♥ working with pastel colors… it makes me feel so happy 😀 i handsculpted tiny clay petals of the roses as tiny as possible but still maintaining the subtle and elegant look. Beautifully arranged on a Frosty Silver Tray or Shiny Silver Tray, along with complimentary pastel icing sugar bags and pastel glass … Continue reading Miniature Pastel Cupcakes with Pastel icing sugar bags

Customised Breakfast in Paris Charmbracelet

Recently , i have been doing several custom orders. I love making something really special for my clients. The most interesting part is getting to know my client’s passion and hearing a part of their story. It always makes me happy. Here is one of the beautiful customised charm bracelet by Ali. Ali is very passionate in cooking and food. She would love to go to the culinary school in France. I prayed that her dreams will come true soon! So Ali, requested a personalised “Breakfast in Paris” charm bracelet. Added with several charms that completes the true art of … Continue reading Customised Breakfast in Paris Charmbracelet